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Code of Practice on Disinformation


In 2018, the European Commission convened representatives of major technology firms and the online advertising industry to develop a voluntary framework of industry self-regulation to fight disinformation. Under the Code of Practice, they committed to curbing disinformation and improving their online policies. The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) commissioned FuJo to undertake research for three reports on the implementation of the Code:

  • Elect Check (2019) assessed the online libraries or archives of adverts that were made publicly available by Facebook, Google and Twitter in Ireland ahead of the 2019 European elections.
  • Code Check (2020) analysed the self-assessment reports submitted by each platform over a 12-month period.
  • Covid Check (2021) assessed the transparency reports from six platform signatories as part of the COVID-19 monitoring programme.

In 2022, a strengthened Code of Practice was launched with 44 Commitments. FuJo, through the EDMO Ireland project, published a fourth report on the strengthened Code. The CoP Monitor report was coordinated by the EDMO Ireland hub and GADMO. The report is based on an analysis of all information provided by Google, Meta, Microsoft, TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) in the first set of Code reports.

Key Information


Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, European Union


Dr Eileen Culloty

Dr Eileen Culloty is Deputy Director at the DCU Institute for Media, Democracy and Society (FuJo) and an Assistant Professor in the DCU School of Communications. She coordinates the Ireland EDMO Hub of the European Digital Media Observatory, which aims to advance research on disinformation, support fact-checking and media literacy, and assess the implementation of the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation. Eileen’s book, co-authored with Jane Suiter, Disinformation and Manipulation in Digital ...

Dr Kirsty Park

Dr Kirsty Park is the Policy Lead at EDMO Ireland and a postdoctoral researcher at DCU’s Institute of Future Media, Democracy and Society. Her work focuses on disinformation, media policy, and internet regulation, specialising in the Digital Services Act and the Code of Practice on Disinformation, She recently led a European Parliament study assessing the risks of gendered harms for women and girls on social media and she led the data analysis on the Reuters Digital News Report Ireland (BAI)...

Professor Jane Suiter

Professor Jane Suiter is the Director of DCU Institute for Media, Democracy and Society (FuJo). She is a social scientist whose research interests focus on the public sphere. Her present research is focused on the social, political and communicative aspects of citizen participation, empowerment and direct and participative democracy. She has a particular interest in the potential of deliberation and how worked on and researcher a number of real world deliberative assemblies including We the Cit...


CoP Monitor Report: Baseline Reports

Type: Reports

Published in:

Authors: Kirsty Park and Stephan Mündges

Year: 2023

URL: Resource

Covid Check: Assessing the implementation of the EU Code of practice on disinformation in relation to Covid-19

Type: Reports

Published in: DCU FuJo and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Authors: Eileen Culloty, Kirsty Park, Charis Paevangelou, Trudy Feenane, Alex Conroy, and Jane Suiter

Year: 2021

URL: Resource

Elect Check 2019: A Report on Political Advertising Online During the 2019 European Elections

Type: Reports

Published in:

Authors: Niamh Kirk, Eileen Culloty, Edward Casey, Lauren Teeling, Kirsty Park, Colm Kearns and Jane Suiter

Year: 2019

URL: Resource

CodeCheck: A Review of Platform Compliance with the EC Code of Practice on Disinformation

Type: Reports

Published in:

Authors: Lauren Teeling, Niamh Kirk

Year: 2020

URL: Resource

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EDMO Ireland

EDMO Ireland is one of fourteen hubs established as part of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO). Coordinated by Dr Eileen Culloty from Dublin City University (DCU), the EDMO Ireland consortium includes the DCU Institute for Future Media, Democracy and Society (FuJo), TheJournal FactCheck, NewsWhip, and the University of Sheffield. It is part-financed by the European Union to monitor and analyse disinformation; conduct factchecks and investigations; develop media literacy resources; as...

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