DCU Institute of Future Media, Democracy and Society Institúid DCU um Meáin Todhchaí, Daonlathas agus Sochaí
DCU Institute of Future Media, Democracy and Society Institúid DCU um Meáin Todhchaí, Daonlathas agus Sochaí

Dr Shane Murphy


Dr Shane Murphy is postdoctoral researcher at DCU’s Institute of Future Media, Democracy and Society. His work focuses on far-right extremism, masculinity, and online radicalisation, often employing qualitative methods, and engaging directly with those whose beliefs are not represented in the mainstream. During his time at FuJo, Shane has worked on projects relating to media ownership, media literacy, and trade union communications. In 2023 Shane received a PhD in Communications from Dublin City University for his research which involved interviewing Involuntary Celibates (Incels), in order to understand the processes through which they come to hold their extreme beliefs, and the real life conditions and experiences that can facilitate this radicalisation.

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