Launched in 2015, the DCU Institute for Future Media and Journalism (FuJo) is a pioneering space to advance research, innovation and best-practice in journalism and media.

The case studies of CovidCheck highlight significant issues for signatories

Traditionally, the existence of conspiracy theories was generally consigned to

New FuJo research on diversity and inclusion in RTÉ

A FuJo report examining diversity and inclusion at RTÉ will

Facebook suspends researchers’ personal accounts

Researchers at New York University’s (NYU) Ad Observatory project have

Labelling Disinformation

There are many aspects to the fight against disinformation. One

Designing Disinformation

Over its long history, print media has developed visual conventions

Choosing our Future public forum

The COVID-19 Irish Citizens’ Online Forum was established to trial

IPPOSI Citizens’ Jury

This report evaluates the IPPOSI Citizens’ Jury, which was set