Through the Provenance project, FuJo is co-sponsoring the upcoming conference ‘Age of Misinformation’


Provenance is co-sponsoring the upcoming conference ‘Age of Misinformation’ on 17th December. The event is organised by CEST with support from the European Parliament, Elsevier, University of Pisa, and Provenance. Provenance will lead a panel on ‘Countering online disinformation: roots and causes’

With the spread of web 2.0 and digital technologies, the divide between producers and consumers – of culture, of science, of news – has become more and more blurred. Building on the frameworks of Culture 3.0 and post-normal Science, in which the relation between the public and the experts is characterised by growing complexity, the conference Age of Misinformation aims at analysing the problem of fake news from an innovative perspective.

Bringing together leading scholars from different fields and focusing on a transdisciplinary perspective, this event will be a Europe-wide debate on the phenomenon of fake news via an integrated analysis in lights of (i) the most recent trends in culture production and consumption, (ii) issues in public engagement in science and technology and (iii) expert-public dialogue.

In the conference, the different sessions (three panel sessions + a round table) will give insights (i) on the philosophical and social origin of the fake news problem on the Internet; (ii) technical features related to the spread of fake news; (iii) an analyses of the conditions that make people vulnerable to false beliefs; (iv) policy solutions and measures to contrast the spread of fake news and potential risks for the freedom of expression.