Shooting and Editing Mobile Video


In the past, creating great video content required investing in professional grade equipment and software. Now, by learning some core filming skills, anyone can capture, edit and share high-quality video using a smartphone or tablet. FuJo’s training course Shooting and Editing Mobile Video is designed to teach participants the essential skills to create effective mobile videos tailored for social media platforms.

In this hands-on, practice-based course, participants will learn how to frame and shoot video on their android or iOS devices and then edit content on a PC or Mac. They will receive expert guidance on how to use cutaway shots, voiceovers and graphics to enhance their videos as well as instruction on industry standard mobile journalism apps that turn an ordinary mobile camera into a movie camera.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and structure a mobile video using a smartphone or tablet
  • Shoot, edit and upload a mobile content from Android and/or iOS devices
  • Use industry-standard FilmicPro for advanced video features
  • Put together sophisticated video packages
  • Edit video content specifically for social media platforms

Course Day One

Introducing Smartphone Filmography: This opening sessions introduces the latest trends in mobile-generated content. It covers the basics of framing and shooting, use of mics and audio levels.

Your First Movie: Our second session gets participants out into the field to record a simple vox-pop video. Back in studio, course instructors are on hand to help edit the footage.

Getting More Professional: This session introduces the concepts of focus and balance and teaches participants how to use the Filmic Pro app. More advanced approaches to framing, zooming and editing are also introduced.

Course Day Two

Your Second Movie: Participants are given their second assignment: making a data-based movie aimed at sharing on social media. This involves learning how to use graphics, text and subtitles.

Filming People: This session concentrates on filming interviews and conversations. Considerations such as framing, lights and audio levels are dealt with in detail.

Your Final Project: The course finishes with a more complex story-telling project, asking participants to put together a video package that tells a story and includes several interview subjects, still photographs and statistics.