In November 2018 FuJo announced it will lead a €2.4 million EU project to develop new tools for improving how information is shared and received on social media.The establishment of the PROVENANCE project reflects an acute awareness of the challenges posed for citizens by large scale disinformation, including misleading and outright false information.

PROVENANCE will develop an intermediary-free solution for digital content verification that gives greater control to users of social media and underpins the dynamics of social sharing in values of trust, openness, and fair participation.

Specifically, PROVENANCE will use blockchain to record, in a secure and verifiable manner, multimedia content that is uploaded and registered by content creators or identified for registration by the PROVENANCE Social Network Monitor.

The PROVENANCE Verification Layer will apply advanced tools for multimedia analytics (semantic uplift, image forensics, cascade analysis) to record any modifications to content assets and to identify similar pieces of content. A personalised Digital Companion will cater to the information needs of end-users.

To help consumers navigate content and develop digital literacy competencies, an iconographic Verification Indicator will contextualise individual pieces of content with relevant information including when the content was registered, by whom, and any subsequent transactions.

PROVENANCE will be co-created with diverse representatives of civil society across four distinct use-cases in the social media domain (citizen information seekers, citizen prosumers, factual content creators, and creative content creators).The three-year project, called PROVENANCE, is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Key Objectives

  • A secure, secure, distributed solution for multimedia content verification.
  • Interoperable tools and technologies technologies for multimedia verification.
  • Integration of digital literacy and user control into the content verification solution.
  • Validation of the solution with large existing communities of citizens and content creators.
  • The basis of a new social network grounded in verification.

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Partner Organisations
Dublin City University, Ireland [coordinator] everis, Spain
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic Sciences, Czech Republic
NewsWhip, Ireland
Ciber Voluntarios  Foundation, Spain Foundation,
Technische Universitaet Graz, Austria

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