H2020 Provenance


Provenance is a H2020 project led by DCU FuJo. It aims to counteract the spread of online disinformation by developing new tools to help people evaluate content on the web and social media.

The overall concept intervenes at the point of audiences to help people recognise reliable information and to discourage disinformation sharing. To achieve this, Provenance is developing a suite of tools that will evaluate online content and provide contextual information to people browsing the web or social media. This contextual information will be visual to make it easy to understand and it will be designed in a way that supports learning about media literacy.

Provenance builds on the individual expertise of the partners. As coordinator, DCU FuJo provides domain expertise on media and disinformation; the Adapt Centre at TCD provide expertise on text analysis and personalisation; the Czech Academy of Sciences provide expertise on visual analytics and the detection of deep-fakes; Newswhip specialise in social media analytics to predict content trends; everis provide expertise on blockchain; Ciber Voluntarios  Foundation provide expertise on citizen participation and digital inclusion; and and Technische Universitaet Graz provide expertise on evaluation.

For more information, please visit the project website.

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