Ricardo Castellini da Silva


Ricardo Castellini da Silva is a media educator and a PhD researcher at Dublin City University. He has dedicated a good part of his life to understanding the principles behind the interface between education and communication. After seven years working in the advertising industry, he moved to the educational sector where his main goal has been to research, develop and implement media literacy projects for young students.

Ricardo’s PhD project investigates the many ways in which the new digital media technologies can be used to promote media literacy for secondary students. Over the past years Ricardo has been teaching undergraduate and graduate classes both at Dublin City University and Trinity College Dublin, where he is also a volunteer member of the Bridge21 team. He has a chapter with media education workshops published in the e-book ‘MICOOL Best-Practices’, which was the main output of the Erasmus Plus project MICOOL (Mobile Intercultural Cooperative Learning), involving partners from six different European countries.

Ricardo holds a BA in Social Communication from ESPM College and a MA in Media, Culture and Education from the Institute of Education, University College London.