Dr John O’Sullivan


Dr John O’Sullivan worked in national newspapers in editing and ICT reporting, in addition to magazine editing and writing, over a period of almost two decades. In the early 90s, he pioneered the Irish Independent’s first ICT section, and participated in several early projects establishing Irish online news services.

His principal research areas concern the interplay between so-called mainstream journalism values  and practices and the internet, and the evolving form of news. He has been involved in European-wide  research on the internet and news, and his PhD research focused on Irish print journalism and its  response to digital media.

Currently, he is engaged in EU-supported collaborative research, as part of a COST Action on combining print and digital, concerning media platforms and especially the role of newspaper  organizations, themselves sites of innovation and convergence, in the emerging media landscape.

‘It’s fashionable in popular, commercial and academic discourse to declare the  decline and even death of newspapers as a traditional or legacy platform, but these organizations have a long history of successfully adapting to and, beyond that, driving change, and most likely will  continue to do so.”