About FuJo: FuJo is a multidisciplinary research institute investigating the social and democratic implications of digital communication technologies.

Led by Dr Jane Suiter (director), members combine expertise in media and communications, political science, data science, and computer science to address major questions about the impact and development of digital technologies. For an overview of FuJo members and their areas of expertise, please visit our members page.

FuJo is guided by a distinguished advisory board with leading representatives of the Irish and international media and technology industries. For an overview of FuJo advisory board members, please visit our advisory board page


FuJo Research: FuJo research provides informed leadership for the news media sector and the academic field through interdisciplinary projects and industry-focused innovations.

FuJo research projects support sustainable and socially valuable journalism by investigating changing contexts of media production and consumption as well as advancing new tools and skills for journalism. Key research areas include digital disruption and innovation, media values, audience trust, and digital literacy.

FuJo works closely with national and international partners – across academic, industry, NGO, and policy sectors – to develop research projects. For more information about FuJo research projects, please see our projects page.

FuJo is a member of the First Draft Partner Network, the Google News Lab University Network, and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Media Literacy Network.