New Verification Tool Launched at First Draft Meeting


A new verification tool for images and video was launched at a meeting of the First Draft Network in Strasbourg on Monday. InVID  is free plugin for Chrome, which allows media professionals to quickly detect emerging stories and assess the reliability of image and video files on social media. The plugin integrates a number of functionalities for discovery, verification, and rights clearance. Verification features include the ability to identify video manipulation, extract contextual metadata, and search for similar images. InVid was developed as a research project for the European Commission’s H2020 programme. The plugin can be downloaded here.

Supported by the Council of Europe, the First Draft meeting was organised to review the online verification collaboration CrossCheck and to advance new strategies for addressing online misinformation. The meeting brought together journalists, technology companies, and university partners including DCU FuJo.

Participants discussed ways to expand CrossCheck beyond election coverage and identified important avenues for further research including the use of closed messaging apps, augmented reality, and audience perceptions of fake news.

In addition to presentations by Storyful and FabLab, Newswhip demonstrated their media monitoring algorithm Spike, which predicts the influence of fake stories on social media. To support CrossCheck, Spike enabled journalists to track stories gaining popularity and to identify accounts that are influential in the spread of misinformation. In the coming months, these tools will be used to track and debunk fake stories in the German and Italian elections.

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