New Cultures of Consumption for Digital Video


People are accessing video content in more ways than ever before due to the rapid growth of new devices to consume media and the rise of on-demand and streaming services. Yet, we know very little about the audience cultures emerging around new modes of video consumption including the practices, habits, motivations, preferences, and gratifications of non-linear viewing. While the complex diversification of online video consumption raises significant questions about policy and regulation, such considerations first require a full understanding of how consumption cultures and practices are evolving. The project addresses this significant gap through an in- depth qualitative study of video consumption cultures.

Using a media diaries methodology, the project will recruit 30 participants to detail their video and media consumption over a period of five weeks. Participants will be selected to broadly reflect the diversity of video consumption practices especially among 18-50 year olds. Further data will be collected through six structured focus groups and the collected material will be interrogated through detailed qualitative study. The project will therefore provide an in depth understanding of non-linear video consumption and changing audience dynamics that can inform subsequent policy developments. This is in line with development at the European level, and specifically the new directive for the Audio-Visual Media Services, which focuses on shifts in audience practices.