IPPOSI Citizens’ Jury


This report evaluates the IPPOSI Citizens’ Jury, which was set up to deliberate on the topic of access to health information. By selecting a jury that was broadly representative of the Irish population and providing a selection of expert witnesses for jurors to hear and crossexamine, the IPPOSI Citizens’ Jury was able to generate recommendations which can inform policymakers. This report outlines the ways in which the jury process has been designed to facilitate deliberative democracy, providing credibility to the verdicts reached by the jury. 

The design of the jury considered representativeness, bias, oversight and a broad range of partial and impartial witnesses while the self-reports from jurors indicate that overall, they experienced knowledge gains and attitude change as a result of their participation. Additionally, the feedback reported from jurors about the quality of deliberation was consistently high. 

The IPPOSI Citizens’ Jury has successfully laid the groundwork as a pilot for future Citizens’ Juries, with the opportunity to incorporate the lessons learned to further strengthen the process in future iterations.

The full report is available here.