RTÉ Brainstorm article examines how the far right are misrepresenting Irish history


An analysis by FuJo researcher  Kirsty Park and Prof. James Kelly of DCU School of History and Geography in RTE Brainstorm shows the use of the term ‘plantation’ by far right groups in Ireland is a localised effort to peddle misinformation and racism.

 A number of protests outside buildings designated as temporary housing for asylum seekers and refugees have been participated and publicised by known far right activists in Ireland. While some local residents who have chosen to protest possess genuine concerns, far-right actors have used these events to further their own agenda, following a recognised international pattern of media manipulation associated with the far-right.

Known as Trading up the chain, it is a process whereby ideological groups such as the far right exploit the media ecosystem to influence the way news is presented, establish priorities, and disseminate their beliefs.

The researchers warn that government must take the concerns of citizens seriously or there is a very real risk that these will be exploited by those peddling misinformation and racism.

Read the full article here at RTÉ Brainstorm