FuJo to partner in TeaMLit, a new project looking at teacher education in media literacy


FuJo is delighted to announce it’s involvement in TeaMLit, a new project which aims to educate teachers on media literacy. FuJo will primarily carry out a thorough mapping, framing and analysis of what is currently available in terms of initial and continuing professional development of teachers in media and information literacy. Results of this research will be shared with partners and used to inform and drive forward the other activities, which include the launch the TeaMLit network, a community of interest for both experienced and inexperienced teacher educators and trainers; the production of online training modules to be used in teacher training activities; and the creation of a repository of existing media literacy resources used to support teacher education.

A statement published on Media and Learning explains

“TeaMLit aims to establish a value added and sustainable network providing guidance, resources and support for European teacher educators and trainers in MIL and in so doing, to directly advance students’ abilities to tackle disinformation. TeaMLit partners will gather and share knowledge, pilot promising approaches, develop training materials and conduct a large scale multiplier campaign”

The project will target teacher educators and trainers already involved with media literacy education, institutions, universities, professional bodies and others responsible for initial and in-service teacher education and training, as well as organisations working in the fight against disinformation, including EDMO and the EDMO national hubs. 

As well as FuJo, TeaMLit involves the following partners: The Media & Learning Association; Association for Communication and Media Culture (Croatia); Heidelberg School of Education (Germany); Mediawijs (Belgium); and the Finnish Society on Media Education (Finland) as well as a host of supporting partners