Climate Change In Irish Media


Funded by the EPA, the Climate Change in Irish Media project evaluates the challenges and opportunities for effective communication of climate change and its mitigation.Reviewing historical and contemporary trends in Irish environmental coverage, CCIM assesses how various media platforms, strategies and practices contribute to, or inhibit, public understanding of climate change and associated environmental issues.

CCIM will deliver:
– A systematic review of international literature on climate change communication;
– An integrated cloud-based archive of Irish climate change media from mass and online sources;
– Analyses of archive content including sentiment, volume, visual semiotics, and language analysis;
– In-depth framing and discursive studies of Irish media content (print, broadcast and images);
– In-depth studies of the interaction between media platforms and sources;
– Lessons and high-impact guidelines on how the media, as well as policy bodies, can provide fair, accurate and impartial coverage of climate change.

Project Team:
Funded Investigators: Dr Jane Suiter, Dr. Padraig Murphy, Prof. Pat Brereton, & Prof Alan Smeaton
Research Team: Mark CullinaneDr. Eileen Culloty, Aaron Duane, Hao Fu, Dave Robbins, Philip Scanlon & Dr. Dian Zhang
Research Management: Kevin Fraser

Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and based at DCU, the research is conducted by FuJo, the Celsius Research Cluster and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics.