AboutVaccines website launched, to provide parents with information on vaccines


AboutVaccines.org, a website created as a result of the Voices for Vaccines project, launched on Wednesday the 20th of July 2022. The website provides accurate, straightforward and accessible information to parents, to help them make decisions regarding vaccines. The project was led by FuJo’s Deputy Director Eileen Culloty in collaboration with DCU Science/Health Communication Researcher and Lecturer Barbara Gormley.

“The Voices for Vaccine project worked directly with the public to inspire confidence in the science behind vaccines and counteract vaccine disinformation. Having accurate and straightforward health information is essential to the success of vaccine uptake amongst parents and in keeping ourselves and our communities safe from vaccine-preventable illnesses.

In collaboration with parents and guardians, primary caregivers, early learning educators, childcare and health professionals, the Voices for Vaccines project led to the development of the AboutVaccine website.

The website’s aim is to provide, simple and accurate health campaign materials, in plain language, to help parents in making the decision to vaccinate. It focuses on providing accurate vaccine information to distinguish it from false vaccine information.”

The full website can be viewed here.