GE16 Tools and Resources


Ahead of the general election, FuJo highlights some useful tools and resources addressing everything from voting records and poll analysis to media coverage and candidates’ policy positions.


Check the Register allows you to check that you are included in the Electoral Register for your area.
Developed with DCU journalism students, the Storyful Irish Election Database is an open resource of information about all election candidates.
A searchable archive of Dáil debates and written parliamentary questions since 2004. provides XML files of voting records for the Dáil.
Language based visualisation of Dáil debates between 2006 and 2015.
The Irish Polling Indicator combines all Irish opinion polls for the Dáil into one estimate of public support for the parties.
NUIM’s Adrian Kavanagh provides analysis of polls and the geography of elections.
Based on a survey of topical questions, Smartvote calculates the constituency candidates who best represent the voter’s views.
Created by Rory Costello, the Which Candidate survey helps voters identify which candidates share their views.
Tracks coverage of the main political parties in news media and Twitter
Created by Insight4News, the Twitter Counter monitors activity on all candidate and party accounts.
Created by Storyful and the Open State Foundation, Politwoops records, stores, and publishes tweets deleted by election candidates.
RTÉ’s general election coverage
The Irish Examiner’s general election coverage 
The Irish Times’ GE16 coverage
The Irish Independent’s election coverage’s election coverage
Newstalk’s general election coverage


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Feature Image: Picture; Gerry Mooney, Irish Independent